Company AS IPv4 /24 IPv6 /64 Location Speed Policy
Accelerated Connections 21570 2001:504:2f::2:1570:1 DH 1G open
Akamai 20940 2001:504:2f::2:0940:1 CH 10G open
Arrow Group Inc 395559 2001:504:2f::39:5559:1 DH 10G open
AS112 (RFC1918 DNS Sink) 112 no DH 1G open
AXIA Connect 54182 2001:504:2f::5:4182:1 DH 1G open
CIRA (DZONE) 55195 2001:504:2f::5:5195:2 DH 1G open
CIRA (TLD) 55195 2001:504:2f::5:5195:1 DH 1G open
CANARIE 6509 2001:504:2f::6509:1 CH 10G selective
Catch Engineering 62993 2001:504:2f::6:2993:1 DH 10M open
City of Calgary 16569 2001:504:2f::2:6025:1 CH 1G open
Columbia Basin Broadband 63052 2001:504:2f::6:3052:1 DH 1G open
Cybera 15296 2001:504:2f::1:5296:1 CH 20G open
Cybera (EDU) 15296 2001:504:2f::1:5296:2 CH 10G selective
DataHive 18638 2001:504:2f::1:8638:1 DH 1G open
ERA 30648 2001:504:2f::3:0648:1 100M open
Google 15169 2001:504:2f::1:5169:1 DH 10G open
Hurricane Electric 6939 2001:504:2f::6939:1 DH 10G open
Hybrid Wireless 32738 2001:504:2f::3:2738:1 Q9 1G open
Imperium 55016 2001:504:2f::5:5016:1 departed
iTel 16696 2001:504:2f::1:6696:1 Q9 10G open
NETAGO 54359 2001:504:2f::5:4359:1 DH 1G open
Nucleus 26546 2001:504:2f::2:6546:1 DH 1G open
O-NET (Olds Fibre Ltd) 54841 2001:504:2f::5:4841:1 DH 10G open
OpenBSD 22512
CH 1G open
Pachez Data Solutions 1645 2001:504:2f::1645:1 DH 1G open
PCH (root/ccTLD DNS) 42 2001:504:2f::42:1 DH 1G open
PCH (Route Research) 3856 2001:504:2f::3856:1 DH 1G open
Q9 27272 2001:504:2f::2:7272:1 Q9 10G open
RBBS Telecom 53349 2001:504:2f::5:3349:1 DH 1G open
RF Now 46920 2001:504:2f::4:6920:1 VW 10G open
RIPE K-root 25152 2001:504:2f::2:5152:1 1G open
SEBO Data 395097 2001:504:2f::39:5097:1 Q9 10G open
Verisign RIRS 26415 2001:504:2f::2:6415:1 Q9 1G open
WiBand 15102 2001:504:2f::1:5102:1 DH 1G open
Xplornet 40473 2001:504:2f::4:0473:1 DH 1G open
YYCIX 53339 2001:504:2f::5:3339:1 DH 1G open
YYCIX route server 1 53339 2001:504:2f::5:3339:254 DH 1G active
YYCIX route server 2 53339 2001:504:2f::5:3339:253 Q9 1G active
Locations: CH = City Hall, DH = Datahive, Q9 = Q9 530, VW = Shaw/ViaWest

If you own AS/IP resources and are interested in peering, drop us a note at peering@yycix.ca.