Mission Statement

These are the corporate objectives of YYCIX Internet Exchange Community Ltd:

Benefiting Alberta's Internet community; Providing, on a not-for-profit basis, an electronic infrastructure to allow for the exchange of Alberta-based Internet traffic among Alberta-based ISPs (Internet Service Providers), NSPS (Network Service Providers), CSPS (Content Service Providers) and other Internet users; Providing Alberta residents with direct access to local internet content; and Increasing the transfer speed of Internet communications between Alberta companies, friends, neighbors and family members.

Founded 21 Nov 2012.

Bylaws (PDF)

Minutes (directory)

Who are the Directors?

  • Colin Bodor
  • Mark Cordingley
  • Theo de Raadt
  • Reid Fishler
  • Bob Kitella

Who are the network operators?

  • Theo de Raadt, Network Manager
  • Jason George, Network Operator
  • Job Snijders, Network Operator
  • Bob Kitella, Network Operator
  • Brock Richards, Network Operator
  • Evan Ricci, Network Operator

Former directors and operators

Bob Kitella (director), Mark Cordingley (director), Bob Beck (director), Mark Leonard (operator), Charles Taylor (director), Tim Luttman (director), Jeff Sushetski (operator), Tyler Andruschak (director), Jim Clarke (director), Robin Harder (director), Colin Bodor (director), Peter Hessler (operator)